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Brief History of the College

This great citadel of learning’s branch of MSSN falls between Ojo and Badagry Isolo Area Council.

(i) To establish Islamic environment within and outside the school.
(ii) Re-awakening the practice of the prophet through the Qu’ran and Sunnah.
(iii) To make each Muslims proud of their religion.

Abdulwasi Oladele Amir (President)
Qosim AbdulSalam Aminul'Am (Secretary)
Hassan Taofeek Public Relations Officer (PRO)
Khadijah Sulaimon Amirah (Female President)
Contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Telephone: 2347043135800

Adhkar Recitation: 15 minutes before the subh prayer every day, the Al-Mathuuraat is jointly recited by all members in the mosque so as to serve as protection during the day before going for the college activities.

Morning Admonition: An avenue where the souls of the members are purified before the daily activities. It holds immediately Fajr prayer every day except Wednesday and Thursdays meant for news and adhkar memorisation respectively.

Arabic Class: A madrasah meant to teach the Lingua Franca of Islam with ease and the proper way of reciting and memorising the Quran. It runs from Mondays through Thursdays between 6:30am and 7:30am

Adhkar Memorisation: This is the forum where members are afforded the opportunities to learn some of the prayers including etiquette of the Deen at ease pace. After Fajr prayer on Thursdays accommodated this gathering in the mosque.

Brotherhood’s Night: A gender biased forum design to create the islamic bond among the male folk. It holds on Tuesdays at the mosque after at the mosque after magrib till Ishai.

Wise Ladies Forum: Also gender specific meant for the sisters to uphold the siterhood bond among virtous muslimah. It holds forthnightly simultaneously with the nrotherhood’s Night in front of the mosque.

Enligthment Forum: It is design to expose sisters to certain global issues affecting the feminine gender and also teach them some vocational skills needed for home keeping. Forthnightly holds after magrib infront of the mosque.

Fiqh Forum: Members are enlightened on Islamic Jurisprudence in a very practical and lively manner so as to enhance the adequate understanding of the Deen. It holds weekly on Wednesday infront of the mosque between 7:30pm and 9:00pm.

An Nashrah: This programme comes up ones in a month to replace one of the editions of Fiqh session. It is aim at educating Muslims and non-muslims on how to relate with contemporary issues from the window of Islam.

Dawah Corps: This is an arena where brothers are trained to be physically fit as advised by the Prophet of Allah (SAW). It holds on Saturday s from 6:30am to 8:30am in the college field.

Dawah College: A programme of MSSN Lagos State Area Unit that runs in all higher institution of with the primary aim of building an ideal Islamic personality that will islamic thaught through the Dawah work wherever he or she is. It holds on Mondays between 6:30pm and 8:30pm at the college mosque.


Success Dua: This prayer session holds in the mosque towards the commencement of Semester Examination since prayer is the backbone of a Muslim.

Ledership Training Programme: The executives and some selected members benefits from this programme annually which is meant to instigate the ledership skills of the participants and promote the collectiveness of the work of Allah in the college. Usually comes up at the beginning of the session.

Matriculation Ceremony: in view of rejoicing and direstig the thaught of the fresh students to academicexcellence and prestine Islam in the college, this programme holds on the matriculation day of the school precisely at the mosque premises. Erudite scholars are usually incited to address the matriculants on the challenges of education on campus.

Orientation Week: A week long programme designed for mostly freshers and the returning students in the collge so as to have the awareness of the nuns and cranuns of the school and to know more about the society and her programme. Among the freshers are Association Day,Academic Seminar, competitions among others.

Teaching Practice Semiar: The final year students of the college embarks on Teaching practice but most of they are tyro in this exercise. Hence, the society organises a seminar for them to X-ray the challenges they are likely to fce during the course and provide practical solutions to them.

Dawah Camp: Inorder to practise all the thaught islamic values through the various programmes and creating a mini-islamic community and to learn more about the path of felicity a camping programme is usually organised towards the end of first semester. Soul inspiring lectures, Quran memorisation, health talk,Tafseer section to mention a few are part of the feature of this spiritual uplifting camping programme.

Dawah Week: The society organises a week-long programme,Dawah Week towards the tail of second semester so as to create awareness and propagate Islam within the college through various programmes like procession, gender’s day,Quran and Quiz bees, Public Lecture among others . No doubt this programme usually records the most participation by all the Muslims on campus.

Ramadan: with respect to the magnificent of the reward sin Ramadan, the branch deem it fit to organise different programmes before and during this bounteous month. Pre-Ramadan Lecture to create awarness and showcase the ideal way of preparing for the month, daily Tarawih and Thajjud prayer, Quran memorisation, Tafseer sections and ultimately Daily Feeding for fasting Muslims on campus although non-muslims also benefit from it.


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