State of the Nation Press Conference addressed by the Amir, Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State Area Unit, Alhaji Qasim Badrudeen on Sat. 13 October, 2012

Text of the State of the Nation Press Conference addressed by the Amir, Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State Area Unit, Alhaji Qasim Badrudeen on Saturday 13 October, 2012 at NAPID Danjuma Hall of the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC), Oshodi.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Whole Worlds. May His peace and blessing be upon Prophet Muhammad, members of his household, companions and followers until the End of Time.

Gentlemen of the press, we welcome you all to this State of the Nation Press Conference of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State Area Unit. We thank you for honouring our call and we pray Almighty Allah reward you all for your effort.


This press conference is coming at a time our dear country Nigeria is marking its 52nd Independence Anniversary from colonial enslavement, and as a youth-based Islamic organisation, and a major partner in the project Nigeria, we deem it necessary to express our candid opinions on some issues affecting the country and offer advices to those in charge of affairs as well as the generality of the citizenry.


You will agree with us that a major problem that the Nigerian government is yet to resolve is the issue of insecurity. It saddens our heart that despite the huge budgetary allocation to security in 2012 by the Federal Government (N921bn), and the huge security votes earmarked by respective state governors across the country, Nigerians are still being confronted daily with news of deaths arising from bomb explosions, armed robberies, kidnappings, gun attacks and other violent happenings. The recent killing of over 20 students of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi, Adamawa State, the killing of about 14 people by unknown gunmen in Ryom Local government in Plateau State during the week and the very recent raid by armed robbers in Lagos State, which led to the death of some people, are pointers that all is not well with the country security-wise. Nigerians now live in fear irrespective of where they reside in the country. No one knows when and where the next bomb will go off or when and where kidnappers or armed robbers will strike!

In this kind of atmosphere of uncertainty, no meaningful development can take place. We, therefore, call on governments at all levels to give more priority attention to the security of lives and property of Nigerians. The security outfits must be further empowered to perform and importantly, they must scale up their intelligence gathering measures in order to prevent any breach of security from occurring.


The bane of our country’s progress is corruption and until we all resolve to fight this problem head-long without bothering about the consequences we will continue to suffer the outcome of our actions. Almighty Allah has warned in the Glorious Qur’an that He will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts!

It is in this light that we advise the Federal Government to be sincere in its war on corruption as the current effort, in our opinion, can only be described as ‘movement without action.’ The Federal Government must summon the political will to ensure that those found guilty in the fuel subsidy scam are effectively prosecuted and jailed to serve as deterrent to others. Similarly, perpetrators of the pension fund fraud uncovered by the Senate must not be allowed to go unpunished.


Gentlemen of the press, it has been our stand in the past and we want to reiterate again that the problem of epileptic power supply remain a major impediment to the economic development of Nigeria. Until a lasting solution is found to it, the country may continue to wallow in the abyss of economic deprivation. We, therefore, charge the federal government to ensure that the on-going reforms in the power sector is sustained and made to benefit the generality of Nigerians in the long run and not a few. In essence, we appeal for caution in the attempt to privatise the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) so that the country will not live to regret the action in future.

Budget 2013

We commend President Goodluck Jonathan for giving education a major priority in the 2013 budget. We see the development as a demonstration of the administration’s readiness to address some of the problems bedevilling the sector that has experienced perennial underfunding in past years. However, we ask the government to make sure that the education budget is fully implemented in order to achieve desired objectives.

Flood and Imminent Food Crisis

Nigeria is currently having its share of nature’s fury in the form of flooding in some parts of the country that had led to the death of over a hundred and twenty people and destruction of many farmlands. This happening is no doubt worrisome because of its implication on the country’s food sustainability in the coming year. No country is immune against natural disasters and our dear country Nigeria is no exception here. In as much as MSSN Lagos State Area Unit would not want to lay blame or exonerate the federal governments and the affected state governments from the deaths recorded so far, we will only advise that proactive measures be put in place to mitigate the effect of similar occurrence in future. On the possible food crisis next year following the washing away of farmlands, we advise governments at all levels to further encourage massive farming in the dry season. Also more funds should be gulped into the agriculture sector.

52nd Independence Anniversary

The 52nd independence anniversary of the country which was marked on October 1, 2012, calls for sober reflection rather than celebration. It is unfortunate that at age 52, we have not got it right in virtually every aspect of our national life. Those countries that attained independence at the same time we did have gone far ahead of us on various developmental indices, be it social, economic or political. In spite of the huge potentials Allah endowed us with we are still be rated among the most backward countries in the world. Be that as it may, hope is not lost. Nigeria can still attain its destined greatness if we all are determined to contribute selflessly towards that greatness. While we call for more prayers and sacrifice for the country, we also call on Nigerians-leaders and followers-to return to the path of righteousness and servitude to God as it is only through this that the country can prosper once again.

Blasphemous Film on Prophet Muhammad and Islam

We join other Muslims and lovers of Islam in condemning the hate film produced in the US which maligned our noble prophet and religion. We also condemn in unequivocal terms the attempt to justify the shameful act as freedom of speech by the US government and their cronies. While we also do not condone the violent protests that resulted in deaths of about 30 people in the Middle East, we advise the US and other Western governments to caution their citizens in the way they exercise their so-called freedom of expression, especially when it comes to Islam and Muslims. First, it was the cartoon published in Denmark, which some other European countries also carried. Then, the renegade pastor Terry Jones’ attempt to burn the Holy Qur’an in the US, then the actual burning of the Qur’an in US military base in Afghanistan and now, the film! Let it be known that all these are attempts to ‘extinguish the light of Allah,’ but ‘Allah will perfect His light even if the unbelievers detest it!

Lagos Traffic Law

Gentlemen of the press, let us use this avenue to commend the Lagos State Government for the introduction of the new traffic law which is meant to restore sanity on our roads and prevent avoidable loss of lives. In this light, we urge all residents in the state to abide by the new law while using the roads. However, we equally want to warn the law enforcement agencies-LASTMA, Police, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) and others-not to take advantage of the law to exploit Lagosians as doing so will amount to rubbishing the good intention of the state government in promulgating the law.

Finally, gentlemen of the press, these are our candid views on the state of the nation. The MSSN Lagos state Area Unit is a critical partner in the project Nigeria and we are convinced that you will take our messages to the world with high sense of social responsibility. Long live Nigeria, Long live Lagos state!

Once again thank you and God bless.


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