Full Speech: Read Emotional Address By Amir Miftahudeen Thanni at MSSNLagos 1443AH Annual Conference

All praise and adoration belong to Allah - the Master of the day of Reckoning. May His peace and benedictions be upon the noblest of Mankind Muhammad, the son of Abdullah (SAW), his household, companions and all those who follow his footsteps till the end of time.

I welcome you all to this epoch-making event meant not only to give an account of our stewardship for the past one year but also to learn from our seasoned resource persons on the Islamic solutions to our perennial problems as a people and a nation, for Islam has not left any issue unresolved. Allah says in Quran 6 verse 38 “ma faratna fil kitaabi min shayin - ‘Nothing has been left unresolved in the Book”. We are so fortunate in the sense that we have invited the right distinguished personalities with the needed intellectual sagacity and acumen to discuss the topic ‘the dicey Odyssey”.

This will afford us the opportunity to know how far we have gone as a nation in a bid to identifying the problems and finding everlasting solutions to our problems from the divine and evergreen scripture of Allah as well as the traditions of the holy prophet (SAW).

When the administration came to leadership on the 16th of August 2020, it was indeed unique. We accepted the position with fear, and hope in Allah for guidance. This is because it was the first-ever virtual handover that took place in this society of ours since its establishment due to the coronavirus that bedevilled the globe in its entirety  - no single state in the world did not have a bite of her own adversity due to the novel pandemic, our organization inclusive. We also witnessed a setback in the organisation of physical programmes, hence resorting to Digitalization of MSSNLagos.

But as Muslims and students, I am glad we took advantage of the situation to rebrand and Digitalise our programmes.  We might not have gotten everything right 100 per cent, but we have indeed made tremendous progress. We took up the challenge and ensured that that our programmes were left undone due to coronavirus, including the Special Ramadan Lecture and the Lagos Quran Completion held in honour of Alhaji Dr. Abdul Lateef Adegbite . Many thanks to our members for sacrificing everything needed for achieving this feat. We also appreciate our donors for their support.

I am also very delighted by the co-operation of Umarau and Amiraat for the successful organisation of the 109th Islamic Vacation Course and our unprecedented mobilisation for fund for the Human Capital Development Centre. We hope to get more support from you as the project is dear to the heart of this administration. 

Dear leaders of this organisation, I want to use this opportunity to admonsih us not to relent in ensuring the objectives of our organisation are achieved. The society is very much in need of us at the moment. The country is facing a tough time in virtually all sectors, including education, economy and security which are core yardsticks for measuring development. In every way we can, let guide youths in the right direction in our area council, central branches and higher institutions.

We also call on the Federal Government and other stakeholders to do everything possible to ensure that our campuses are not shut again. We have suffered too much in the last two years from strikes and COVID-19 pandemic, allowing another preventable strike shows huge irresponsibility and disregard for our future as students.

As one of the foremost Islamic organisations in Nigeria, we still need to break new grounds and there is room for improvement. With your support, we are hopeful that we will break more grounds and intensify efforts towards human capital development, networking and uniting the ummah in line with our administrative focus; “Productivity and Collaboration”.

May Allah accept all our deeds as acts of Ibadah and give us the wherewithal to do better, May He overlook all our shortcomings. Aamin.

Wa jazakummullahu khayran kathira

Miftahudeen Thanni



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